Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 128 Installation Guidelines: WMP-RETRO Steps for Preparing and Installing WMP-RETRO: ROOF & WALLS MAKE SURE THE CUTTING GUIDE IS SQUARE WITH THE FRONT EDGE OF THE TABLE. • With a roll of material mounted on the unwind stand, pull out the material (with the white side down) to the front edge of the table. • The material must be precisely aligned with the 96” edge of the work table. • Secure the material to the table with two spring clamps. • With the material square and straight, cut the material to length. • Remove the clamps and reposition the material against the front edge of the cutting guide. • In this position, the material will extend approxi- mately 1-1/2” past the front edge of the table. • Make sure the material is still precisely aligned with the 96” edge of the work table and secure with two spring clamps. • Fold the exposed edge of the facing down against the end of the plywood sheet to create a well defined crease. • This folded edge will be needed to accurately align the facing section to the purlins or girts. • Continue to align, cut, and fold the facing in a sufficient quantity for the area to be covered. Steps to install WMP-RETRO on the roof: Please note that the instructions provided in this doc- ument are meant to be general installation guidelines and that each project may present unique circumstanc- es that require modifications to the procedures outlined in this document. However, the basic concept should be followed by using the best installation practice avail- able by mechanically attaching the facing on each side of the purlin or girt space, keeping the over-lapping edges tight and aligned to the purlins. • Starting from the end wall of the building, the new facing should be positioned between the purlins and above any obstacles or obstructions with the folded edge tight against the web of the purlin and directly below the existing roof fasteners. See Fig. 1A. • If the unfolded edge of the facing needs to be sup- ported, use spring clamps to temporarily hold the facing to the lower flange of the opposite purlin. • With the folded edge of the facing tight and aligned with the corner of the upper purlin flange, press it firmly toward the existing roof screws and impale the facing onto the threads of the exposed fasteners. See Fig. 2A. • Mechanically secure the facing to the roof fasten- ers with self locking star washers using a suitable tool. This tool can be as simple as a short length of pipe or conduit. See Fig 3A.