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Retrofitting & Re-Covering

Give Your Building a New Look

Do you own an older metal building? Are the interior walls and roof dirty? Is the insulation system damaged? Is the interior of the building dark?

If the answer is yes, maybe it is time for a refresh. Lamtec WMP-RETRO is specifically designed to re-cover damaged insulation facings and give your building’s interior a new look. The multilayer construction provides abuse resistance while its glossy white surface provides 85% light reflectivity to brighten your building's interior. WMP-RETRO was developed using an encapsulated glass mat technology to stiffen a proven metal building facer for superior installed appearance and ease of installation. It does not rely on adhesive or tape for attachment, but utilizes mechanical fastening for a permanent installation. WMP-RETRO comes in 500 square foot rolls that are easy to handle and install.

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