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LAMTEC products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Specify Long Tab Banded LTB Filled Cavity Insulation Systems with Lamtec Vapor Retarders Architects Specifiers Contractors and Building Owners use LTB systems with Lamtec Vapor Retarders because LTB tested modeled assemblies satisfy prescribed U-Values in 2015 IECC and ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Cost effective way to meet or exceed prescribed U-Values for Metal Building Roofs Easier access to the purlins for installation maintenance of electrical HVAC and sprinkler systems Attractive bright white appearance Lamtec is the most specified name for insulation vapor retarders Long Tab Banded systems results All tests modeling were performed on standing seam roof assemblies. Results based on Finite Element Analysis Modeling Hot Box Tests Finite Element Analysis Modeling and Installation Instructions can be found at LAMTEC.COM. Contact your insulation supplier for more details ASSEMBLY DESCRIPTIONS U-VALUE R19 Faced R11 Unfaced 0.037 R25 Faced R11 Unfaced 0.035 R25 Faced R19 Unfaced 0.029 DOWNLOAD ARCHITECTS GUIDE or CONTRACTORS GUIDE Filled Cavity Systems for Metal Buildings at LAMTEC.COM Roof Panel Thermal Block Fiberglass Over the Purlins Faced Fiberglass Between the Purlins PurlinLamtec Facing Banding