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February2016 3 Energy Code Compliance for Metal Buildings httplamtec.comenergy-code-navigator this tool was created to help specifiers navigate the code-adoption process in a few simple steps as listed and shown below. Step 1 Enter the zip code for the project. The State and Climate Zone are then provided. Step 2 Select the applicable code from the drop- down list. If this is not known a link is provided that will take the user to the DOE website where this can be determined. Once the code is selected a table will display showing prescriptive assembly R-Values and U-Factors as well as alternate systems shown in the table as Compliance Options. The Com- pliance Options will provide equivalent or better thermal performance than the prescriptive solu- tion see table below. Note There are provi- sions in the codes to allow for the use of these alternate non-prescribed Compliance Options to be used as long as the thermal performance can be demonstrated by a thermal test report or finite element analysis FEA model. This documentation is typically available from the insulation suppliers. Insulation System Options Once the applicable U-Factors have been deter- mined for the project the specifier must select an insulation system that best meets the needs of the project. In some cases this is the prescriptive option however in many cases a better performing insulation system is necessary to compensate for a lower per- forming component of the buildings envelope.